7 August 2016

Laboratoire M2 Recruits Cargill as European Distributor


After launching its Thymox Footbath product in China in July 2016, Laboratoire M2 is now looking to enter the European market in early 2017.


The Sherbrooke company just confirmed that Cargill, through its animal care brand Provimi, will be the exclusive distributor of Thymox Footbath in the UK and for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.

The two companies have started the process of registering the footbath formula for sale in the UK.

According to Laboratoire M2, the EMEA region is the world’s largest dairy cattle market, with a cattle population of more than 100 million.

This agreement follows a series of conclusive field studies, conducted to verify the effectiveness of Thymox in the UK’s particularly cold and damp winter climate.

Thymox is a biodegradable, disinfectant, antimicrobial alternative made with a natural active ingredient—thymol—that is effective in preventing digital dermatitis, an infectious hoof disease that affects dairy cattle in particular.

“Our commercial activities are progressing as planned and our global presence is growing quickly,” said Frank Palantoni, CEO of Laboratoire M2. “With the activities currently taking place in the European and Asian markets, we are now turning our commercial focus toward the United States.”

Source : Laboratoire M2


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