21 July 2016

Laboratoire M2 Launches its Thymox Disinfectant in China

Laboratoire M2 has made a breakthrough in China—the Sherbrooke business has announced a partnership with Uniterumen to market its eco-friendly disinfectant, ThymoxTM Footbath, to dairy farms.


Using thymol, a natural, active ingredient in thyme, the footbath formula developed in Sherbrooke protects dairy cows against digital dermatitis, which is a common infection that causes hoof lesions.

ThymoxTM Footbath stands out from other, traditional products on the market. It is biodegradable, in addition to being safe and non-toxic for employees and cows.

Uniterumen, a leader in animal health in China, will be the official distributor of ThymoxTM products.

The Chinese dairy industry boasts more than 12 million cows.

The product was launched during a scientific conference in Beijing, with more than 80 Chinese farm managers in attendance.

Source : Laboratoire M2



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