27 June 2016

Laboratoire M2 Intensifies its International Expansion


Sherbrooke business Laboratoire M2 (LabM2) is currently speeding up its commercial growth in several market areas around the world.

The business, which developed the disinfectant technology platform Thymox, revealed that they made significant progress in penetrating animal health markets in China and Europe during 2016’s first trimester.

This breakthrough followed the round of funding concluded in 2015, with the participation of Desjardins—Innovatech and the Cycle Capital Management venture capital platform.

To support its growth, Laboratoire M2 announced the appointment of Frank Palantoni as CEO. Mr. Palantoni had been strategic advisor for the business since June 2015.

“The company, which, until now, had been focusing on R&D, will now implement an accelerated business development strategy in North America, Europe, and Asia,” said Mr. Palantoni.

Over the second half of 2016, Laboratoire M2 will be focusing on the North American animal health market, while increasing its efforts in the areas of agriculture and consumer products.

LabM2 markets a broad range of biodegradable and antimicrobial products and ingredients designed using its platform Thymox – named after the active ingredient extracted from thyme essential oil—thymol.

Source : Laboratoire M2



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