11 May 2013

IXTROM Group Gets $284 000 from the Québec Government


Sherbrooke’s IXTROM Group received $284 000 in financial support from the Québec government for an innovative-technology showcase project for its IXGMAS M2 software.

The software is a multimode massive global-alert system providing communication without an Internet or telephone connection during crises, therefore supporting emergency measures during planning, intervention, and recovery operations.

Valued at more than $700 000, the technology showcase project consists of installing IXGMAS M2 software at the Ministry of Public Safety’s Office of Public and Fire Safety.

“Installing our software at the Ministry of Public Safety will help raise our corporate visibility among other governments and public-sector bodies,” said a rather-pleased Soledad Recatala, IXTROM Group’s president and CEO.

The company specializes in designing emergency management and decision-making software.

The announcement of the financial assistance was made in the presence of the Minister Responsible for Industrial Policy and the Québec Economic Development Bank, Élaine Zakaïb, and the MNA for Sherbrooke, Serge Cardin.

Source: Gouvernement of Québec 

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