2 December 2013

Innovative Process developed at the Université de Sherbrooke Finds a Taker

SOCPRA — the Université de Sherbrooke’s development and marketing company — has signed a license agreement with Ontario biotechnology company Ovensa for a new chitosan production method created at the unversity. 

Chitosan, which is produced from crustacean shells, is useful in a variety of applications, including food preservation, acceleration of wound healing, drug delivery, cosmetics, and much more.

Ryszard Brzezinski, full professor at the university, has created an innovative production process that boosts efficacy and yields higher quality chitosan.

“Ovensa is an ideal partner investing in research and development at the Université de Sherbrooke,” stated Luc Paquet, SOCPRA’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “The company has become an essential link in the marketing of this invention.”

Ovensa develops, produces, and markets chitosan biopolymers specifically for biomedical, food, cosmetic, and agricultural uses.

Sources: SOCPRA et Ovensa


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