3 October 2015

Immune Biosolutions Collaborating with a Belgian Company

Immune Biosolutions has announced the signature of a collaboration agreement with ONTOFORCE, based in Gent, Belgium.

The young Belgian company has developed a scientific data research platform driven by semantic technology. Titled DISQOVER, the tool establishes unique smart connections between different sources of data, such as scientific publications and patents.

Immune - Ontoforce

With the new partnership, signed in conjunction with the second Sherbrooke International Life Sciences Summit, Immune Biosolutions will have access to DISQOVER to more easily and efficiently explore world data and therefore better guide its research and development.

At the same time, the dynamic Sherbrooke company will open its database of antibodies produced from eggs to DISQOVER, making all the more open data available to life sciences researchers.

The two companies initially met at the Knowledge for Growth conference in Gand in the Flanders region, then at several occasions during conferences in the United States, prior to making their partnership official four months later.

Sources and photo credit: Immune Biosolutions and ONTOFORCE

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