30 April 2014

On-going Focus on Innovation and Productivity! – Sherbrooke Innopole Five-year Results and Annual Report


PRESS RELEASE – At the end of year 2013 that saw the nomination of a new Director General and the development of a new strategic plan, Sherbrooke Innopole presented a positive balance sheet for the last year and positive results for the conclusion of its five-year strategy to the business community at a noon event today.

Once more, the Sherbrooke economy held its own despite a quite difficult global economic context. These good results are the work of a close-knit and committed team and demonstrate the efficiency of Sherbrooke Innopole’s strategy for the fifth consecutive year.

During the luncheon lecture, Sherbrooke Innopole’s Chairman of the Board, Mr. Marc Cantin recapitulated the elements that formed the basis for Sherbrooke’s economic success: “By our new collaborative attitude and a strategy oriented towards entrepreneurship and innovation, we have succeeded, more so than ever, in fostering an economy aimed towards value creation.  As evidenced by a net gain of 49 businesses and 1,801 jobs in our key sectors between 2010 and 2013, while undergoing a major economic crisis and with receding global employment, the strategy deployed in 2099 demonstrated its relevance and efficiency.”

Mr. Cantin and the organization’s Director General, Ms. Josée Fortin, took advantage of the unveiling of the 2013 annual report to present Sherbrooke Innopole’s new strategic plan, adopted at the beginning of the year.  “The 2014-2019 is perfectly in line with our five key sectors strategy and puts particular emphasis on our manufacturing industries while remaining thoroughly committed to innovation and entrepreneurship, explains Ms. Fortin. Our strategy stays in keeping with our main axes that I like to summarize as: Facilitate, Coach and Communicate.”

Ms. Fortin also highlighted certain concrete actions in the strategic plan such as the development of industrial properties, the creation of a business incubator and specific infrastructure for young companies in life sciences. Specific measures for manufacturing businesses are also planned.  “We will more proactive than ever with our manufacturing businesses to support them in an economic context that is somewhat favourable to the recovery of the export market, points out Ms. Fortin, because of the recovery of the US market, the low value of the dollar and the onset of the free-exchange treaty with the European Union.”

Sherbrooke mayor, Mr. Bernard Sévigny, rejoiced in these good results: “Sherbrooke still has a lower unemployment rate than the Québec average and has seen its population grow year by year. 2013 is the fifth year of consecutive good economic results and consequently, I wish to congratulate the work of Sherbrooke Innopole.” Mr. Sévigny reiterated his support and confidence in the new strategic plan and the increased support that will be given to manufacturing concerns. “I’m very happy to note that beyond the figures, we can, without any qualms, state that Sherbrooke has met the ambitious goal it gave itself five years ago and is now the third economic pole in Québec after Montréal and the city of Québec.”

Mr. Marc Cantin and Ms. Josée Fortin both concluded by giving assurances that Sherbrooke Innopole and its team are already hard at work enabling our businesses to keep their focus on innovation and productivity.

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