19 February 2017

GHG Reductions: UdeS and ECOTIERRA to Collaborate

The Université de Sherbrooke (UdeS) is continuing its sustainable development efforts by launching a new program in collaboration with Sherbrooke company ECOTIERRA within the context of its new energy strategy, Horizon 2020.

The ECOTIERRA-UdeS CO2 offset program will enable the entire university community to offset its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions on an individual basis by purchasing offset credits. The institution’s website will make it possible to calculate GHG emissions generated by transportation and to access ECOTIERRA’s online boutique to buy offsets. The UdeS will also compensate for its CO2 emissions.

The funds raised through this program will contribute to the development of solar power on campus and will be used to fund internships and scholarships dedicated to student research on climate change.

Horizon 2020 Energy Strategy

Since 1990, the UdeS has reduced its absolute GHG emissions by 30%, despite major developments in education and research and increasing the surface area of its buildings, as well as student enrollment.

Through its new energy strategy, the UdeS is planning to reduce its GHG emissions by 50% by 2020 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. To meet its objectives, the institution will continue its transition towards hydroelectricity, eliminate the use of oil in its buildings, develop new sources of renewable energy, and step up its energy conservation efforts.

The Horizon 2020 strategy was adopted to increase the development of academic research by fostering the implementation of technological and social showcases in the fields of energy efficiency, reduction of GHG emissions, and energy storage. It will also encourage the entire university community to join the fight against climate change and marshall their efforts to manage energy.

Sources: UdeS and La Tribune

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