12 February 2017

G.E. Gilbert Tackles New Market with Support from Investissement Québec

G.E. GilbertIndustries G.E. Gilbert has obtained a loan of $940 000 from Investissement Québec to assist with its plans to penetrate a new market—transformed, large-scale, metal castings.

This financial aid will enable the Sherbrooke business to acquire precision machining tools. G.E. Gilbert has identified this market as a priority due to the growing demand.

This $4M project also involves the two-fold expansion of the Brodeur Street plant, starting in mid-March. New hires are also expected.

Aside from this new niche, G.E. Gilbert specializes in manufacturing small series of machined metal parts, primarily for the metallurgy and energy sectors.

Sources: Investissement Québec and 107,7 FM Estrie

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