5 August 2013

Five Years of Success for Anges Québec


Anges Québec, a private-investor network, is celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2013.

The organization is taking this opportunity to provide an overview of its accomplishments:

  • Since 2008, its membership has grown from 20 to 130 today.
  • As the only structured angel-investor group in Québec, Anges Québec can share its international experience and networks of contacts to support entrepreneurs.
  • To date, Anges Québec has generated $32.9 million in investments in 25 innovative businesses in Québec, including $12.3 million in direct investments by its members.
  • The network now has three financial angel cells in Montréal, Québec, and Sherbrooke

Even More Action on the Horizon!

Because of its growth, the Anges Québec network has developed a new business plan that will enable it to increase the number of investment projects receiving support in the years to come.

Anges Québec is composed of experienced managers and entrepreneurs who invest capital and expertise, primarily in the initiation and start-up phases, in innovative Quebec businesses promising great potential.

Anges Québec’s portfolio includes Axes Network and Biocean Canada, two Sherbrooke-based companies that have received from two complete rounds of funding.

Source: Anges Québec



» AxesNetwork Obtains $1.04 Million from Anges Québec and Fonds Anges Québec Capital

» AxesNetwork receives $ 655,000 from Anges Québec

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