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1 April 2017

Filspec Breaking New Ground With Its Smart Textile Yarns

Filspec, a Sherbrooke-based company, is innovating with smart textile threads, suitable for a broad range of sectors. By producing specialized textile yarns from natural, artificial, and synthetic fibres, Filspec collaborates with manufacturers in numerous sectors (military, industrial, medical, athletic, etc.). The company has a broad market spreading across the Americas.

Innovations in different fields

“Filspec would like to offer innovative products that present new possibilities to different workers. Thanks to smart textiles, we can make their work easier and improve working conditions, which will result in productivity gains,” noted Sébastien Couture, Director of Research and Development at Filspec.

In the medical field, smart yarns can send a notification if someone with Alzheimer’s leaves their residence. “If we give the person a detection device, they don’t necessarily have to wear it, but it’s rare that they’ll leave without clothing,” explains Dominique Quintal. “The yarn can help find them more easily.”

Filspec products can be found in clothing that is capable of detecting certain toxic gases, explained Dominique Quintal, Vice-president of Sales and Marketing.

Mr. Couture explained that the Sherbrooke company’s focus is working to create products that “revolutionize” the protection of workers, athletic performance, comfort, and the durability of clothing and equipment.

Three innovative yarns

Since January, Filspec has already unveiled three new specialized textile yarns, i.e. WarmFil, SteelFil, as well as FireFil:

WarmFil distinguishes itself through its capacity to produce heat when exposed to infrared light, whether the day is sunny or overcast.

SteelFil has a steel centre in order to make a fabric that combines protection, comfort, and style, the perfect yarn for manufacturing work clothes that are comfortable to wear and provide a high resistance to abrasions and cuts.

FireFil is a yarn with a fibreglass centre that exceeds Canadian standards with regards to flame resistance and also offers very good resistance to tearing.

Filspec has made significant investments in research and development to remain highly competitive, and especially ahead of the game on the market, explained Mr. Quintal. Filspec is also currently on the lookout for new talent to join its team.

Source: La Tribune
Photo credits: Sherbrooke Innopole

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