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28 May 2018

Exonetik Working On a Robotic Arm for Space

Sherbrooke startup Exonetik has obtained funding from the Canadian Space Agency to develop the first robotic arm with magnetorheologic fluid actuators to be used in space.

Bras Robotique Exonetik

Actuators of this type are very reliable in terms of reproducing forces and movements, while being lightweight, small, and affordable.

“In space, astronauts will be able to use a magnetorheologic fluid robotic arm designed for activities like physical fitness and remote operations,” pointed out Josée Carignan, Strategy and Business Development Manager at Exonetik.

Exonetik is very active in the field of collaborative robotics in the region: This young company is collaborating notably with the Université de Sherbrooke in the context of the CoRoM program and is sponsoring a mechanical engineering group. The company also uses ingenuity as a competitive edge through its employee-shareholding program.

» Read the press release

Source : Exonetik
Image credit : jgilhutton


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