8 February 2016

Exo-s Receives $4M from EDC to Support its Expansion into Mexico


Exo-s received $4M in funding from Export Development Canada to acquire the assets of the Mexican company Hudson Garden in the fall of 2014.

The Sherbrooke business has since been awarded a contract to manufacture moulded plastic parts for new automobile platforms built in Mexico. “Some of the parts will come out of our facilities in Mexico, but this new contract will also generate orders for our factories in Canada and the United States,” said Daniel Denault, Chief Financial Officer at Exo-s.

In addition to funding, EDC has provided Exo-s with strategic support, particularly by connecting it with major car manufacturers established in the area, including Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Trucks.

In addition to its head office in Sherbrooke, Exo-s has four facilities located in Canada (Richmond, Québec), the United States (Coldwater, Michigan and Howe, Indiana), and Mexico (San Juan del Rio). Combined, they employ more than 700 workers.

Source: Export Development Canada



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