4 September 2015

Donation to Bishop’s University: The Mouvement Desjardins Supports New Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Bishop’s University received a donation of $250 000 from the Mouvement Desjardins for a scholarship program to benefit students and businesses from the region.

desjardins-bishopsSpread over five years starting in 2016, the contribution will have two components: the first enables eight students from the Williams School of Business to work in a local company as fictional consultants. The second component will give ten full-time Desjardins-member students $1000 off their tuition fees.

The Mouvement Desjardins donation contributes to Bishop’s University’s $30-million Leading the Way capital campaign, among whose goals is collaboration between the Williams School of Business and the Dobson-Lagassé Entrepreneurship Centre.

Sources : Bishop’s University and La Tribune

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