19 September 2014

Dettson’s Successful Technological Shift

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PRESS RELEASE – A year after introducing two new innovative products on the market (the Chinook gas furnace, and the Hydra Revolution electrical boiler designed for residential use), Industries Dettson Inc., which specializes in designing and manufacturing heating and air-conditioning systems, continues to innovate by marketing the Hydra Industrial, a new energy-efficient electrical furnace.

The product results from research and development in Sherbrooke and is designed for commercial and industrial use. It is the smallest on the North American market, weighing up to 50% less than similar products offered by other manufacturers. Since last July, the new product line is available in power ratings ranging from 16 to 96 kW, depending on the selected voltage (208, 240, 480, and 600 V).

“With its unique features, the Hydra Industrial is an innovation in itself, but it is also Dettson’s first venture into the industrial field. Sales are already well under way, and with the onset of winter comes the promise of increasing demand,” says Dettson’s CEO, Marc Chénier. “Once again, our new product proves our agility as well as our ability to innovate in order to provide the most compact, durable, and efficient solutions for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning—and to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding market.”

In addition to expanding the marketing of its existing innovative products in Canada and the United States, Dettson is currently designing a full suite of variable-speed outdoor air-conditioning units. One of their special features is the ability to connect with the Chinook forced-air gas furnace for increased performance. The new line of products will be launched in January 2015 and will complete Dettson’s offering of central home systems.

Thanks to the new national building codes in both Canada and the United States, the envelopes of residential units are now better insulated and require systems with adapted power ratings and more sensitive controls. Therefore, the market is opening up for smaller systems with a lower capacity in order to provide extra comfort to residents.

After its acquisition by Groupe Ouellet, Dettson initiated a major technological and environmental turnaround in 2011 to align with new market trends, which are increasingly focused on sustainable development. The company, based in Sherbrooke since 1952, thus became the sole Canadian manufacturer and designer of gas furnaces. “The new strategy is bearing fruit: for the first time since 2010, our sales have increased this year in comparison to last year, despite the widespread downturn in both Canada and the United States,” indicates Mr. Chénier.

Dettson currently employs up to 150 people in its headquarters on Industriel Boulevard.

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