6 April 2014

Costs in Canada Are More Competitive, According to KPMG

canadaCanada ranks first in costs competitiveness in mature markets, according to KPMG’s 2014 Competitive Alternatives report.

With an estimated cost index of 92.8, Canada is ahead of its competitors, including the Netherlands (3rd – 94.5), the United Kingdom (4th – 94.6), and France (5th – 97.4).

Canada’s prices are 7.2% lower than those in the US (9th – 100.01).

Among all the countries studied, Mexico, the only emerging country included in the study, has the lowest costs; its index is 81.3.

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In Canada

In 2012, Canada ranked 3rd in mature markets, with an index cost of 95.0.

KPMG explains that this increase in ranking is caused by the significant reduction in ocean freight rates and natural gas prices, the stable costs for facilities, and the low increase in labour costs, among other things.

The Canadian digital services subsector is particularly competitive; it has an advantage of 17.8% over the United States.

The biennial Competitive Alternatives report compares 26 cost elements – including facilities, transportation, utilities, taxes, and labour – in 107 cities in 10 countries.

Source: KPMG

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