1 April 2017

Classcraft Considered Best Academic Gaming Solution According to EdTech Digest

ClasscraftOn March 22, 2017, EdTech Digest announced that the 2017 Best Academic Gaming Solution went to the game Classcraft for the second year in a row. Designed by Sherbrooke entrepreneurs, Classcraft offers an innovative way of teaching based on collaboration, by improving in-class behaviour and increasing students’ motivation, all while transmitting educational concepts as part of courses.

“We are excited to see the games being taken seriously as catalysts for positive changes in education,” said Shawn Young, co-founder and CEO of Classcraft.

The Sherbrooke game was also crowned winner of the “U.S. National School Board Association Technology Showcase” in 2015 and was nominated for the “Design to Improve Life Index Award”.

“Classcraft has more than 2 million users in more than 75 countries and in 10 languages; many of its translations are done on a volunteer basis by passionate teachers,” notes Devin Young, creative director and co-founder of the company. Despite its popularity at the elementary and secondary levels, it also helped students all the way to university levels.

The start-up was launched in 2013, in Sherbrooke, by three members of the Young Family (Shawn, Devin, and Laurent Young). Classcraft is a free platform that is accessible from web browsers (Safari and Chrome) and is supported by IOS and Android on smart phones. In this game that makes learning an adventure, the students can play in teams and be mages, warriors, healers, and win or lose points based on behaviour.

Sources: Classcraft et EdTech Digest



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