28 May 2017

CFM Aims its Robots Toward the International Market

CFM founder and President, Denis Paquette, is gradually handing over the reins of the business to his successor, Steve Blanchette, Business Development Manager and co-owner of CFM Robotics, as well as an enthusiastic and visionary employee. After having firmly rooted itself in Québec and adjusted its supply to meet the current demand for robotization, CFM plans to expand its market internationally.

CFM specializes in the design and manufacturing of automated machinery and robotic systems, in camera inspection equipment, and in the application of engineering solutions. “What characterizes us, is that each project is unique”, explained Denis Paquette, President and co-owner. “We design, program, and manufacture products that are customized to the needs of our clients.” CFM produces automated machinery and robotic equipment for numerous clients such as BRP, Waterville TG, Camoplast, Uniboard, and GE Aviation.

Founded in Windsor 21 years ago, the CFM company spent 15 years in spaces rented by the Comité de promotion industrielle de Brompton (CPIB- Brompton’s industrial promotion committee) while it was undergoing expansion. Since 2013, the company has been settled in its own premises, in Brompton’s Gene H. Kruger Industrial Park.

While CFM started out designing machinery dedicated to unique and targeted needs, its transition to more diversified and efficient robotics has consolidated its reputation and its strong position. Over the last 10 years, it has developed five products that enable it to target the needs of its clients, and the demand is growing. “Our goal is to make custom machinery, but most importantly to provide the manufacturer with productive solutions,” emphasized Sales Manager, Joël Grimard.

In the context of a world with increasing globalization where robotization is necessary, CFM has no choice but to focus on diversification and versatility. “In the context of globalization, on top of targeting higher value-added products, businesses also need to find strategies to maximize their clients’ return on their investments,” noted Nathalie Prince, Director, Business Services – Advanced Manufacturing at Sherbrooke Innopole. The development of versatile production equipment is one of the designated strategies, because it very clearly helps attain the goal of substantially reducing the delay on the return on investment. So it’s a winning strategy for CFM Robotics to enhance its specialization, which puts the company in a very competitive position,” she added.

Source: La Tribune

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