9 May 2016

Canadian UAV Student Competition: the Université de Sherbrooke Undefeatable

The student club VAMUdeS (the Université de Sherbrooke’s Miniature Aerial Vehicle Organization) took first place for the eighth consecutive year at the Unmanned Systems Canada UAV Student Competition.

This year’s field mission took place in an agricultural setting, departing from Southport Airport in Manitoba: teams had to determine crop health and soil conditions using an aerial inspection system. This system had to airdrop probes and locate infrared targets scattered across the flight zone. The teams were then required to decipher, interpret, and compile the results obtained, presenting them in a report.
Eighteen university teams completed phase 1 – the design phase – but only 14 teams took part in phase 2 – the operational phase – won by VAMUdeS.
Through its high-quality photo system, VAMUdeS was able to produce of a full map of the field with a position accuracy of 1 metre.
VAMUdeS will next compete at the international competition to place in Maryland in mid-June 2016.
Source and photo credit : Université de Sherbrooke



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