6 December 2011

Call for proposals to the Explore Competition 2012

The Explore program is designed to test newunconventional and highly innovative research projects that should strongly impact the drug discovery process.

Projects funded by this program must have the potential for a breakthrough discovery that could lead to an important change in the current paradigm or conventional wisdom. While no preliminary data is necessary, the rationale behind the proposal must be very strong and the applicants must clearly demonstrate how the scientific approach will be validated.

This program is designed for researchers who are interested in establishing closer links with the pharmaceutical industry. In that respect, CQDM has developed a unique mentoring program where senior scientists from the six pharmaceutical sponsors of the Explore program provide support to the researchers in aligning their research towards the needs of the industry.

Applicants must submit a letter of intent using the form available on the Web sitedescribing the project before February 21th, 2012.

For more details, read the guideline or visit the Web site.

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