5 May 2017

Brimko Is Expanding in Sherbrooke

PRESS RELEASE – Gestion J.E.N. inc., a subsidiary of Groupe Brimko inc, has acquired land on Léger Street to build premises for rent to companies in the manufacturing sector. Investments ranging from $2.3M to $2.5M will be injected into this project.

Brimko, a general contractor specializing in the preparation of components for prefabricated walls for its construction sites, will pair up with Module Ultra Inc., a manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as other integrated furniture, to set up operations in a new building located on Léger Street in the Sherbrooke Regional Industrial Park. The construction of the new building of approximately 25 000 sq. ft. is scheduled to begin in spring 2017. Brimko will occupy 15 000 sq. ft., while Module Ultra, which needed to expand its premises, will occupy 5 000 sq. ft. in addition to its current premises. The remaining 5 000 sq. ft. will be available for rent by a third tenant.

The project will consolidate 29 existing jobs at Brimko. The company also plans to hire 6 to 10 new employees in the coming year, including two who are already in training. These new jobs will create positions related to office work, estimating, and warehouse work for manufacturing construction products. The other manufacturing businesses that occupy other parts of the new building will also lead to the creation of new jobs on the short term.

Brimko was founded in Sherbrooke in 1998 and has been located on Lesage Street since 2005. “At first, I was the owner of the building before selling it 7 years ago,” said Raphael Francoeur, owner of Groupe Brimko. “My children recently became my partners, and I am pleased to see family members planning to take the reins. By joining us, they made the company grow, which convinced us to invest in building larger premises to better meet our current needs.”

Groupe Brimko received support from Sherbrooke Innopole throughout the relocation process. “Brimko is a well-established business, and we are delighted to see that the new associates wish to further expand the company in Sherbrooke,” said Josée Fortin, Director General at Sherbrooke Innopole. “Sharing premises with Module Ultra will foster collaboration, which can only benefit the economic vitality in the sector.”

Sources: Groupe Brimko and Sherbrooke Innopole
Picture credits: ADSP Architecture + Design

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