18 December 2014

BionX is Entering the Scooter Market

Already well established in the electric bike niche market, BionX is now making a foray into the scooter industry with its MINI Citysurfer Concept, developed in partnership with MINI, which is affiliated with BMW.

Mini Citysurfer Concept - powered by BionX

MINI Citysurfer Concept – powered by BionX

Officially presented at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the BionX-powered scooter sets itself apart by its compact, manoeuvrable–at 18 kg–collapsible, and easy-to-carry structure that can be stored in the trunk of a car or loaded on buses and trains.

Its electric motor can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h, with an autonomy of 15 to 25 km. The BionX Lithium-ion battery can be charged through the 12V socket of a car, a wall socket, and while travelling through the regenerative function activated by the brake lever.

A significant part of the R&D to design the electric power-assisted system was carried out at the R&D centre in Sherbrooke. Engineers here also worked on integrating the BionX components in the scooter’s frame.

With the Mini Citysurfer Concept – powered by BionX, both manufacturers aim to promote individual urban mobility.

BionX has previously collaborated with BMW to develop the i-pedelec, a collapsible electric bike that was introduced at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Source: BionX



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