14 December 2015

Ateliers B.G. Is Expanding

Ateliers B.G.

In the coming months, Ateliers B.G. will be expanding its Longpré Street plant to accommodate its growth in Sherbrooke.

Investments of nearly $900,000 will be used to add two 4500-square-foot work bays to the facilities, which currently cover 35,000 square feet. Four 10-tonne overhead cranes will also be installed.

The welding and machining business also owns a plant on King Street East. Earlier this year, Ateliers B.G. redesigned its work spaces and purchased a 5-axis plasma cutting table.

The two sites employ 75 people, and 6 to 8 new positions may become available as of spring 2016.

Source: Ateliers B.G.

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