24 May 2012

An On-Line Business Card for Clinical Research in Sherbrooke

Press Release – Improving health care requires effective and innovative treatments, and these can only be developed with the active participation of the population. This is why four research centres in Sherbrooke, two public and two private institutions, have launched the clinical research web

This portal is an on-line window to clinical research projects in the region, particularly in the biopharmaceutical field. The partners in this project are theCentre de recherche clinique Étienne‐Le Bel (CHUS), the CSSS-IUGSCentre de recherche sur le vieillissementDiex Recherche and Q&T Research. This project has been made possible with the support of Health Biotechnology Sector of the ACCORD program and Sherbrooke Innopole.

At the heart of is a search engine that lists the various clinical research projects ongoing in the Eastern Townships by age, sex and therapeutic area. The portal also provides information on clinical research itself, the rights and protections for patients, the benefits for individuals and communities. The website is also a valuable resource for health professionals seeking additional treatment options for their patients. The website is an on-line business card for biopharmaceutical companies allowing them to have an overview of the regional offering in a mouse click.

See photos from the press conference.

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