5 October 2015

Agendrix Unveils a Novel Schedule Management App

logo_2015-300x51The Sherbrooke company Agendrix has officially launched its application of the same name, which is designed to improve schedule management and timetable planning in the workplace.

Available on the Web and easily accessible by mobile, the Agendrix application is modernizing the way small and medium sized businesses manage their staff’s schedules. The user-friendly interface enables human resources managers to save time when creating and sending timetables while also taking into account each employee’s constraints, such as availability and requests for time off. Employees are also well served by the application, which lets them interact remotely to communicate their availability and check their work schedule.

Several companies, such as Chocolats Favoris, Thaïzone, Subway, Mikes, and Bâton Rouge, adopted the application in its development phase. Now perfected, Agendrix is available to all organizations.

Two versions of Agendrix are offered to clients: a free version, which replaces the oft-used Excel spreadsheet for creating timetables, and a sold version that adds functions for collaborating with employees.

With support from the Accélérateur de création d’entreprises technologiques (ACET, technology company incubator), Agendrix now wants to focus on the development of its application in several languages to target new markets. The schedule planning app is currently available in English and French.

Source : Agendrix

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