23 January 2017

Agendrix En Route to Revolutionizing Schedule and Timesheet Management

PRESS RELEASE – The Sherbrooke company Agendrix, designer of a schedule and timesheet management SaaS (software as a service), has been experiencing explosive growth over the past year and is aiming to maintain this momentum through a new expansion strategy. New marketing campaigns will soon be launched, supported by investments worth nearly $1M.


Since launching the second version of its software in the fall of 2015, Agendrix has made significant inroads in the Québec market. Thus far, its client base includes names such as all of the Chocolats Favoris shops, as well as franchisees from major retailers such as Rona, Subway, Metro, Bâton Rouge, and Jean Coutu. The company also has a presence in the rest of Canada, in the United States, and in Europe, mainly in France and England.

In the short term, the company’s next efforts are being geared towards dominating the Québec market and increasing its presence on the international scene. To do so, Agendrix has hired two new business development experts who will be tasked with increasing the company’s presence in pharmacies, retail stores, and service businesses to maintain the company’s growth. The hiring of new developers and other sales personnel is planned over the medium term.

“Numbers don’t lie: overall sales this month are 15 times higher than those of just one year ago. Our objective is to maintain our growth rate and increase our revenue by 10% to 25% each month, while continuing to offer an affordable and comprehensive online schedule, scorecard, and timesheet management solution to small and medium businesses,” explained André Gauthier, President of Agendrix.

In pursuing this plan for growth, Agendrix has been able to rely on the support of several private investors, including the company’s co-founders as well as new business development experts, reflecting the commitment and confidence that prevail within the team. The company has also benefited from coaching and financial support from the Accélérateur de création d’entreprises technologiques (ACET—accelerator for the creation of technological businesses), from ACET Capital, and from Sherbrooke Innopole, through the Pre-commercialization fund.

For his part, Roger Noël, President of ACET Capital, stated that: “The ACET is proud of and pleasantly surprised by the rate at which Agendrix has progressed since joining our organization. We believe in the commercial potential of its technology, and we trust that its management team, with the support of its technology team, will ensure that Agendrix becomes a pillar facilitating the operations of thousands of businesses around the world.”

Many managers still use classic Excel spreadsheets to manage their employees’ schedules, which can become a real conundrum, given the fact that employee requests and constraints are communicated verbally, by text message, by e-mail, on paper in a note, etc.

“Agendrix has created a schedule management technological solution that is simple, comprehensive, and accessible. Its product is in constant evolution and is updated based on the needs of its clients. It has a strong team, a product that stands out, and I have no doubt that it will quickly reach its goal of becoming a benchmark in its field,” explained Marc-Henri Faure, Director, Business Services–Information Technology and Communications at Sherbrooke Innopole.

Agendrix app

Available on the web and readily accessible on mobile devices, the Agendrix app aims to upgrade the methods used by small and medium businesses to plan their schedules and manage staff time and presence. Equipped with an intuitive and multilingual interface, the software’s first module accelerates the planning and communication of schedules, compiles and manages availabilities and leave requests, eliminates scheduling conflicts, in addition to enabling employees to interact remotely.

For its part, the second module centralizes the employees’ true entries and exits and transcribes this information automatically onto timesheets, according to specific customizable rules. Employees can punch in and out from a smart phone, a tablet, a computer, or even a phone at a client’s place of work, which greatly assists in managing employees on the road.

A third option, designed specifically to facilitate time management in service businesses, can be added to these two modules.

Sources: Agendrix, ACET, Sherbrooke Innopole
Photo credits: Sherbrooke Innopole

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