14 June 2015

$8M for New Infrastructure Unique in Canada

The Physics Department in the Science Faculty at the Université de Sherbrooke will be enhancing its research infrastructure, which is unique in Canada. This will enable its researchers and students to position themselves among the leaders in the field of quantum information science and technology: next-generation ICTs!

The Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the Government of Québec, and other partners, including the Université de Sherbrooke, have announced their financial contribution to an innovative, nearly $8-million project, entitled New Initiative for Quantum Information Science and Technology (NIQUIST).


The NIQUIST project will lead to advances in the science that capitalizes on the laws of quantum physics that apply to nanoscale structures (one billionth of a metre), where new phenomena appear, especially due to the ability of electrons to be in several places at once. The research projects involved have the potential to lead to the emergence of new applications such as malleable screens, efficient electricity networks, ultra-sensitive sensors, etc.

The funding will serve to enhance the existing cutting-edge infrastructure, particularly through the addition of key equipment for the manufacture of nanoscale devices, which will be unique in Canada. Students who master these technologies will have the potential to access high-level jobs on the international scene.

Source : Université de Sherbrooke

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