26 September 2012

$500,000 investment in E2Metrix

The Fonds de Solidarité FTQ Investissements technologiques (FSIT) is investing $333,334 in E2Metrix under a new partnership with the Sherbrooke company. The private investment company Gestion Allard et Dubé have invested, for its part, $166,666.

Created in 2010, E2Metrix has developed a reactor using an electrocoagulation – electroflotation process, a low cost clean technology for treating industrial and agrifood wastewaters. The company is currently working on the third version of the reactor which it will ultimately bring to market.

This funding will enable the company, led by Mohamed Laaroussi, to pursue its efforts in research and development in order to expand in the market of agrifood wastewater treatment.

The technology developed by E2Metrix could also benefit other markets like organic contaminants, hydrocarbons, gas and mining industry waste as well as decontamination and restoration of work sites.

Source: Fonds de solidarité FTQ

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