18 April 2016

$1.2M to Sherbrooke OEM for an Innovative Optical Sorting Project


Sherbrooke OEM recently received $1 275 000 in funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) to support the development of an innovative optical black plastic sorting unit.

Black plastics account for up to 20% of all plastic waste streams. However, they are difficult to detect and sort with the current NIR (near-infrared) detection technology, as black absorbs light.

The technology being developed by Sherbrooke OEM will be able to recognize and separate the different polymers and materials, regardless of their colour.

The financial support received from SDTC will go towards the design, manufacture, and showcasing of an industrial-scale unit.

The project, valued at $4M overall, is being led by Sherbrooke OEM within a consortium involving Eagle Vizion, Plastimum, and Valoris.

This investment is part of a funding initiative totalling more than $206M announced by the Government of Canada to support 36 clean technology projects in Canada.

Enerkem has also obtained financial support amounting to more than $63M for its project to build a commercial cellulosic ethanol plant in Alberta.

Source : SDTC



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