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Attraction to Address a Workforce Shortage

Laurie Dugas

What makes a company appealing to job seekers? This question, which is currently being considered by most, if not all, Québec businesses, seems to me to be much too vast to come up with a single concrete solution. In other … Read +

Sherbrooke Connected to New IT Trends at the Collision Conference

Laurie Dugas

At the initiative of Sherbrooke Innopole, five companies from the region attended the very popular technological conference Collision, which took place in New Orleans from April 30 to May 3, 2018. The 2018 edition brought together nearly 25 000 participants from … Read +

Rendez-vous du transport and Movin’On | An Inevitable Shift

Maude M. Sévigny

In Quebec, the transportation industry comprises 110 businesses and more than 5 100 direct jobs. Transportation is also responsible for 41% of the province’s GHG emissions.  With urbanization, worsening traffic congestion, GHG multiplying, the constant quest for a better quality of … Read +

Company Profile

Dalkotech Group –Innovation Standing the Test of Time // Company Profile

Maude M. Sévigny

Each month, discover a Sherbrooke company profile… Dalkotech Group Entity encompassing Dalkotech, Rad Technologies Innovation (RadTech), and Dalkopak: Dalkotech – Manufacturing of fabricated pieces and steel tanks (Sherbrooke) RadTech – Design and manufacturing  of innovative accessories for manufacturers of tractors and … Read +

GATE Breakfast| Reindustrialization: Driver of Economic Wealth

Maude M. Sévigny

On Friday, June 2, 2017, the GATE Breakfast, organized by the Maison régionale de l’Industrie (MRI), took place, under the theme “Reindustrialization: Driver of Economic Wealth.” To a full house, business strategist Antoine Audy-Julien, of Deloitte, presented the findings on … Read +

Impact Investing: Beyond Financial Performance

Maude M. Sévigny

Impact investing is a movement that aims to invest with the intention of generating social and/or environmental returns, while at the same time yielding financial returns, with positive and measurable impacts. Quebecers started to adopt this global trend a few years ago, … Read +

Moving Towards Innovation: 5 Key Messages to Manufacturers

Josiane Guay

During its stop in Sherbrooke on February 10, 2017, Investissement Québec’s tour regarding its Initiative manufacturière / Propulser nos manufacturiers innovants (Initiatives in the manufacturing sector / Driving innovation among our manufacturers) conveyed 5 messages to manufacturers already introducing (essential) … Read +