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Brilliant next generation of students

Each year, Sherbrooke welcomes tens of thousands of students on the campuses of its professional, college, and university educational institutions. This young and dynamic next generation of workers for our companies is the focus of the J’adopte l’Estrie project (Estrie, a New Home), whose goal is to encourage them to stay in the region.

For students

Would you like to work and live in the Estrie region after your studies? The J’adopte l’Estrie project offers activities to enable you to become familiar with the region’s labour market and to expand your network of contacts:

  • Workplace tours
  • Networking activities with employers
  • Job hunting workshops

Follow the J’adopte l’Estrie Facebook page to learn about upcoming events!

For employers

Are you interested in recruiting interns and/or graduates?

•  Workplace tours

J’adopte l’Estrie suggests that employers from the region welcome groups of students for a tour/presentation of their company—a perfect opportunity to recruit directly from your offices.

•  Hiring international students

1. During their studies

Most international students have a study permit enabling them to work 20 hours a week during their study session and full-time during the winter and summer holidays.

→ Make sure that any student you hire has a valid study permit that allows him to work off-campus.

2. Following one’s studies

By obtaining a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), a graduate can work in your company full-time for the duration of the permit. A PGWP generally is the same duration as the number of years of study for a period ranging between 8 months and 3 years. This period generally leaves time for the person to take the steps that lead to the status of permanent resident.

>> For more details: Study Permit, Post-Graduation Program

Contactez votre expert

Anne-Marie Côté

Project Manager – J’adopte l’Estrie

819 821-5577 ext. 128