6 July 2017

Tekna and Weare Group Join Forces to Respond to Specific Aeronautical and Aerospatial Needs

Tekna and WEARE Group have announced a partnership agreement to create a company for the production of powders for the additive manufacturing market.

WEARE Group continues to structure its integrated range of services in the additive manufacturing sector. WEARE Group and TEKNA have decided to join forces to establish a company in France with the means to produce high quality metal powders, and thus meet growing additive manufacturing needs in the aeronautics and aerospace sectors.

The production infrastructure will use the existing industrial facilities of Tekna Plasma Europe (a France-based subsidiary of Tekna). This agreement will enable WEARE Group to ensure powder supply for its additive manufacturing activities and allow TEKNA to consolidate its position in the aerospace and space markets.

“This agreement constitutes a major step in TEKNA’s growth strategy for additive manufacturing markets,” stated Luc Dionne, CEO of TEKNA Plasma Systems. “TEKNA is proud to team up with WEARE Group, a partner whose dynamism and reputation are widely recognized in the industry.”

Pascal Farella, CEO of WEARE Group, asserted that “WEARE Group is committed to consolidating its additive manufacturing offerings by joining forces with experts like Tekna to reinforce each component of its value chain.”

For over 25 years, as a  subsidiary of Arendal Fossekompani SAS, TEKNA has pursued a research, development, and manufacturing strategy for induction plasma and metal powder systems. Today, TEKNA (whose head office is located in Sherbrooke) is a world-renowned leader for the quality of its products and its ability to promptly respond to the growing needs of its clients.

Sources : Tekna and WEARE Group



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