3 January 2017

A Successful First Medical Intervention with SoundBite’s Technology

Soundbite Medical Solutions

SoundBite Medical Solutions has brilliantly initiated its first human clinical study: its shock wave technology was successfully used to open blocked blood vessels in a patient suffering from chronic total occlusion (CTO).

SoundBite Medical Solutions - ShockWire

The minimally invasive procedure was performed at the CIUSSS de l’Estrie – CHUS by Dr. Andrew Benko, head of the interventional radiology service.

Dr. Benko used a 0.018 inch guide wire (ShockWire) to send high-energy shock waves through the femoral artery occlusions in both legs of a 72-year-old patient to restore blood flow.

The first occlusion, measuring 20 cm, was run through with a single ShockWire in less than three minutes after power had been switched on.

“I was very satisfied with the clinical performance of the SoundBite Crossing System, as well as with the clinical outcome that made it possible to safely restore blood flow in both arteries,” commented Dr. Benko.

This first clinical step sets the foundation for a pivotal international study in 2017, in anticipation of commercialization of the technology in Canada, the United States, and Europe, noted Steve Arless, Co-Founder and CEO of SoundBite, a company based in Sherbrooke and Montréal.

Source and photo credits: SoundBite Medical Solutions



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