15 February 2014

Réuse Creates a Niche in the Use of Reclaimed Wood

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PRESS RELEASERéuse Inc. (, a young Sherbrooke company, offers a unique range of wood recovery services and products made from recycled wood.

The mission of Réuse, which was founded in 2013, is to reclaim wood initially destined to be landfill. It offers various processed products, including wall coverings, decorative accessories, and custom-built furniture, through a network of distributors. The company also provides a wood waste pick-up service for individuals, the construction industry, and retailers.

Réuse photoJosée Fortin, Director General of Sherbrooke Innopole, Donald Breton, Réuse’s President and CEO, and Danye Desrochers, Financial Advisor at Sherbrooke Innopole

Réuse uses a recognized thermal process to produce clean, healthy, new raw material. This process sterilizes the recovered wood, eliminating all kinds of fungus, parasites, and other organisms that are undesirable or harmful to health.

The start-up of Réuse, whose 5,000 ft.2 plant/workshop is located on Le Ber Street, required investments in excess of $90 000. Company promoters Donald Breton and Martine Boucher have been supported in their efforts by Pro-Gestion Estrie. The project also received $10 000 in financial assistance from Sherbrooke Innopole through the New Entrepreneur Fund, as well as funding from the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF). In their search for a location, the promoters were helped by Sherbrooke Innopole.

“With Réuse, our goal is to maximize the reuse of wood, using ingenuity and innovation,” noted Réuse’s President and CEO, Donald Breton. “Thanks to our expertise and our industrial equipment, we offer a wide range of home furnishing, organizing, and decorating products made from high-quality recycled wood. Our wood pick-up service provides a solution that is environmentally friendly, economical, and creative to a varied clientele, including the CRD (construction, renovation, demolition) sectors, which must otherwise pay significant charges to get rid of their unwanted wood waste.”

For Chloé Legris, Director of Business Development for the Cleantech key sector at Sherbrooke Innopole, Réuse is a perfect fit with the current trend of environmental responsibility. “At a time when our forests are more valuable than ever, it is even more important to draw the full potential from wood, particularly by giving it a second life. Réuse is seizing the opportunity to create wealth and jobs. This business is positioning itself favourably in economic, sustainable, and social development niches, and we are proud to support its launch.”

Réuse seeks to reduce wood waste to the maximum. The company plans to turn its own waste into wood chips or kindling wood for resale. Réuse also intends to pursue its R&D activities to further develop new manufacturing processes enabling the maximum use of the wood that it recovers.

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