27 August 2018

Official Launch of E2Metrix Technology Showcase at Sherbrooke’s Water Purification Plant


PRESS RELEASE – Sherbrooke company E2Metrix recently initiated its technology demonstration project at the Sherbrooke water purification plant, in partnership with the City of Sherbrooke. Thanks to E2Metrix’s innovative technology, Sherbrooke has the potential to become the first North American site to exceed the regulatory requirements related to phosphate removal and disinfection of waste water.


Stéphane Cotnoir, City of Sherbrooke, Mohammed Laarousi, E2Metrix, Myriam Bélisle, Sherbrooke Innopole

E2Metrix’s technology solution, called ECOTHORTM, uses electrocoagulation to eliminate a wide range of contaminants. Due to the unique composition of the company’s patented anode, the process is capable of achieving a treatment performance level that surpasses the industry’s regulatory standards while using very low amounts of electricity and no hazardous chemical products.

The objective of the technology showcase that E2Metrix is deploying on Claude-Greffard St. is to demonstrate the advantages of its electro-technology in the tertiary treatment stage, which consists of removing ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus, and also disinfecting wastewater. A series of ECOTHOR-16R reactors have been installed, working in parallel with the water purification plant’s regular process. From a technical standpoint, the E2Metrix system will accomplish two important steps: The precipitation of ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus in the form of struvite, a byproduct with agronomic value that can be used to fertilize soil, and the reduction of micro-organisms and toxic products such as hormones and drug residues through electro-disinfection and oxidation.

“We are planning to invite several international representatives and key potential clients to the demonstration site to convince them of the economic and environmental advantages of using our electro-technology in the wastewater treatment process. This showcase will propel the marketing of our green technology on a global scale, and we would like to thank the City of Sherbrooke for being a partner,” explained Mohamed Laaroussi, President and CEO of E2Metrix.

This $6.1 million project has been made possible thanks to financial support from the Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) program, Desjardins Venture Capital, Sherbrooke Innopole, and private partners. Numerous partners will also be collaborating to optimize the strategy in the coming year, notably the City of Sherbrooke, the Université de Sherbrooke, the Avizo Consulting firm, Econse, and Fournier Industries.

This innovative project is generating very advantageous local spinoffs, with the creation of eight full-time positions in the company and the involvement of several Sherbrooke suppliers in the deployment stage. Additionally, starting in September, the environmental engineering laboratory team of Université de Sherbrooke Assistant Professor Hubert Cabana will be actively involved in sampling and analysis, in collaboration with the E2Metrix team.

“The technology showcase stage is essential when breaking into a new market with a cutting-edge technology and when aiming to demonstrate its potential for large-scale deployment in a somewhat conservative industry. It’s a natural extension that the E2Metrix project is rolling out in our area, given the number of experts and players in Sherbrooke’s water sector,” pointed out Myriam Bélisle, Director of Business Services—Cleantech at Sherbrooke Innopole.

The City of Sherbrooke is proud to participate in the initiative: “We are really proud of this association with E2Metrix that, through this innovation, is contributing to making Sherbrooke a leader in wastewater treatment, just as we are in the production of quality drinkable water. The City of Sherbrooke applauds this company’s expertise which is a model for sustainable water management,” emphasized the Mayor of Sherbooke, Steve Lussier.

Sources: E2Metrix and Sherbrooke Innopole

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