19 June 2017

Motrec will Collaborate with FPInnovations on a Self-moving Electric Shuttle

FPInnovations has called upon the Sherbrooke company Motrec, as well as Technoparc Montréal, ABB, and Ericsson Canada, to create a self-moving electric shuttle adapted to Canadian winter conditions. The goal of the project is to understand and find solutions to various challenges and needs in the area of electric and smart mobility in Québec. Ultimately, this kind of initiative will support the industrial cluster of electric and smart vehicles while encouraging further development of the industrial sector.

“Motrec is a very enthusiastic and proud manufacturing partner in this leading-edge project,” said Blair McIntosh, President and CEO of Motrec. “Together, we will show the world what Canada and Québec can do in electric transportation.”

This collaborative creation is in line with governmental strategies for innovation and sustainable development in electric mobility. This alliance of innovative leaders, including Motrec, will be responsible for the implementation phases of the project: from design to marketing, including development and production. “We will integrate vision and object recognition systems, artificial intelligence, navigation, vehicle-to-vehicle telecommunications, vehicle-user/infrastructure connectivity, as well as the management and automatic charging of batteries,” as described in FPInnovations’ press release. The shuttles will be located at Technoparc Montréal, which will serve as a test bed, to later be integrated in the public transit network.

“As a leader in innovation, we are happy to unite stakeholders from different sectors around an international-scale innovative project made in Québec, and therefore contribute to reducing the risks associated with innovation for everyone while contributing to Québec’s economy,” said Pierre Lapointe, President and CEO at FPInnovations. It’s with promising and collaborative projects such has these that leaders like FPInnovations and Motrec continue to nourish the innovation ecosystem contributing to Québec’s economic prosperity.

Source: FPInnovations 



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