11 September 2014

Manunor carries out several expansion and innovation projects

Manunor Sherbrooke Innopole

PRESS RELEASE – Specialized in designing and manufacturing plastic parts using rotational moulding, Manunor is leading multiple projects in Sherbrooke: the company has developed two innovative products and will increase the surface area of its existing facilities by more than 30% to support its growth.

The Sherbrooke-based company will expand in a new 25 000-square-foot industrial complex that is currently under construction in Gene H. Kruger Industrial Park. Manunor will occupy 10 000 square feet as early as fall 2014. The new building, located on Joseph-Latour Street, will be home to three other businesses, STIM, S Automation and Inno-Contrôle, which are also in full expansion.

Led by developer Jacques St-Pierre, who is also the CEO of Manunor, the real estate project has generated investments of $2.15 million and received technical support from Sherbrooke Innopole to choose the location.

Located at 101 Des PME Street, Manunor’s current factory will be expanded by an additional 10 000 square feet, which corresponds to the adjacent land area that will be available once STIM has relocated. By the end of the project, Manunor will cover 85 000 square feet on two almost neighbouring sites in the Borough of Brompton’s industrial park. More than $250 000 will be invested in machinery and equipment within these projects.

In addition, Manunor is commercializing a new parts washer to be used by machine shops and vehicle repair shops that was entirely designed and developed in Sherbrooke. With this equipment, oil and grease can be thoroughly cleaned without contaminants.

The company from Sherbrooke also developed innovative technology for manufacturing stand-up paddleboards (SUP) through rotational molding for the Québec-based manufacturer Pelican. After two years of research and development, Manunor is preparing to launch large-scale production in fall 2014.

Combined with these new product lines, the company’s expansion projects will consolidate 32 existing positions and create 60 new jobs within the next year, according to the CEO’s projections.

“We are very active in the field of product and manufacturing process development, thanks to our team’s innovative spirit and expertise, which helps maintain a leading edge. The parts washer is an in-house proprietary product that introduces an innovative solution to the market. Several demonstrators have already been delivered, and additional efforts are underway to increase sales in the coming months. Regarding stand-up paddle surfing, the rise in popularity of this sport is offering positive growth prospects,” pointed out Manunor’s CEO, Jacques St-Pierre.

Concerned with its environmental footprint, Manunor was recently certified ECORESPONSIBLETM by the Fédération des plastiques et alliances composites (FEPAQ). Founded in 1993, the company is one of the first of the Canadian alliance to receive this sustainable development accreditation.

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