31 August 2014

Major Investments and Job Creation at STIM, S Automation, and Inno-Contrôle

STIM S Automation Inno-Contrôle Sherbrooke Innopole

PRESS RELEASE – Sherbrooke companies STIM (which offers industrial technical services in design, fabrication, and industrial maintenance) and S Automation (an engineering firm specializing in the optimization of automated and robotic processes and in outsourcing technical personnel for the manufacturing sector) are about to expand in the new industrial complex under construction in Gene H. Kruger Industrial Park.

In fall 2014, these two businesses with complementary expertise will be moving into joint facilities covering 15 000 ft.2 of floor space in the building on Joseph-Latour Street. Inno-Contrôle, a new start-up company in Sherbrooke, will also set up shop in the same premises.

The relocation plan for STIM and S Automation, which have the same shareholders, is based on a strategic decision to enhance their synergy and productivity. They have been able to rely on location assistance from Sherbrooke Innopole for their project.

“Given our complementary areas of expertise, we are working in partnership on several projects. The two companies now also have joint administrative and sales services. By consolidating our activities under the same roof, we will benefit from huge gains in efficiency,” enthusiastically noted David Marchand, President of STIM, and Maurice Chevarie, President of S Automation.


STIM has been enjoying sustained growth since its founding in 2009; its sales figures have soared over the years, and more than 90 jobs have been added to the initial five created. First located in the premises of the Comité de promotion industrielle de Brompton (Brompton’s industrial promotion committee), the company, which works in the design and fabrication of production equipment, industrial maintenance, and turnkey project management, moved into new larger facilities a little more than a year ago.

STIM’s current expansion project is requiring investments of some $150 000 for leasehold improvements as well as the purchase of production equipment, tools, vehicles, and software. This will enable the company to consolidate its 100 existing full-time jobs and to create up to 20 more jobs in the coming year.

“The company is five years old, and after experiencing a flying start, our current goal is to stabilize growth and build on our achievements. It was, however, becoming imperative that we expand our facilities. Moving to a new site will enable us to design work spaces that are both efficient and cutting-edge, including a 10 000-ft.2 workshop,” explained David Marchand.

S Automation

Currently located on Lesage Street in the Sherbrooke Regional Industrial Park, S Automation is investing more than $90 000 in the relocation of its activities as well as in the installation of more efficient management software. The project will create 4 new jobs over the course of the coming year, in addition to consolidating the 19 existing jobs.

“S Automation’s strength lies in our employees. This is why we have always strived to provide them with a productive and stimulating work environment. With the sustained growth we’ve experienced over the years, our current space has become much too small. And, given our development prospects in terms of the agreement we just signed with Universal Robots, which manufactures a very innovative type of robot, the decision to move into new quarters became a must. Our new facilities will be larger, brighter, and more conducive to ingenuity and knowledge sharing,” stated Maurice Chevarie.

Founded in 2009, S Automation specializes in the optimization of human and material resources, offering a vast range of services related to robotics, automation, programming, engineering, electrical engineering, and electro-mechanics. For the past three years, the company has had a presence abroad, in Mexico primarily, offering its highly technical services in supporting the expansion of its internationally active Canadian clients.


Sharing space with S Automation, Inno-Contrôle is proud to be launching its business. With an investment of over $10 000, this young company specializing in the manufacture of control panels hopes to ultimately consolidate its three current jobs and create another one in the coming year.

“Partnerships with our clients and the strategic choice of components are optimizing manufacturing costs for our clients. This approach enables us to be a leader in our field,” pointed out Marie-Claude Lacroix, President, and Alain Cyr, Technical Director.

STIM, S Automation, and Inno-Contrôle are still seeking specialized and multidisciplinary workers.

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