26 January 2011

Génome Québec and CQDM launch Le Défi Tweete tes neurones, a competition for university students

Montreal, January 21st 2010 – Génome Québec and the Québec consortium for drug discovery (CQDM) announce a competition dedicated to promoting the life sciences sector. Entitled, le Défi Tweete tes neurones, the initiative provides an opportunity to combine academics and professional experience by developing an external communication strategy for the sector. The competition aims at developing a campaign to promote the life sciences sector, specifically the part of the sector dedicated to medical and biopharmaceutical research.

Although it is among the most promising of the Québec economy, the life sciences sector remains unknown to the general public. “It is in this context that we invite young people to take a fresh look at the challenges facing this sector which converge knowledge, passion and cutting edge technology. We believe in the creativity and dynamism of the next generation, and hope to get them interested in career opportunities and the many challenges to come, particularly in communication and marketing”, said Marie-Kym Brisson, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications at Génome Québec.

“Research and innovation are the real driving forces of our economy. We are very pleased to launch this initiative which demonstrates our commitment to the sector of biopharmaceutical and medical research”, said Diane Gosselin, Vice President, Research and Business Development at CQDM.

Projects must be submitted by teams comprised of university students (3rd year of a Bachelor’s program or more) majoring in communications, marketing, public relations, advertising, journalism, administration, M.B.A. or another relevant program such as teaching, sciences, etc. The students must be enrolled in an accredited university in Québec. The names of the finalists and the winning team will be announced at an event bringing together the key players in the biopharmaceutical and medical research industry and communication sector.

The winning team will receive $10,000 and if the project is subsequently executed, the winning team could be invited to take part in the implementation process.

Students must register by February 18, 2011 (prior to 5:00 p.m.). Thereafter, students will have to submit their proposals no later than May 25, 2011 (prior to 5:00 p.m.).

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About Génome Québec

Génome Québec is an organization that aims to support Québec’s scientific and socioeconomic development, by funding wealth initiatives in genomics research and implements programs to integrate research results into health and natural resources sectors.

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About the Québec Consortium for Drug Discovery

Québec Consortium for Drug Discovery (CQDM) is a meeting ground for all stakeholders in drug research, whose primary mission is to fund research projects carried out in partnership between the academic and hospital milieus in the public sector and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the private sector.

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