23 June 2017

Geebee Now Allowed in Sherbrooke

A pilot project will now allow some electrical devices such as Geebee, an electric mobipod manufactured in Sherbrooke, to be ridden on certain bike paths in the city. Some conditions apply, such as a maximum speed of 32 km/h, brakes in good condition, and a handlebar on the vehicle. In addition, wearing a bicycle helmet is mandatory and the minimum age to drive these vehicles is 14 years old.

The City of Sherbrooke will allow the vehicles to circulate only on off-road bike paths and will continue to prohibit their use on the side of the road, on the pavement, even where there are markings on the ground to indicate the bike path. The paths that are separated by a barrier as well as those at Lac des Nations will also be open to other small electric vehicles. For the time being, the path around the lake will not be regulated because the City has trust in the civic-mindedness of drivers. La Tribune reported the remarks of Caroline Gravel, Director, Urban Infrastructure and Environment Service of the City of Sherbrooke: “We would like to first assess if the people who operate these vehicles act in a civic-minded way and if cohabitation is possible. If that is the case, we will pursue the project. If not, we will re-adjust for next year.”

Sherbrooke Innopole is proud to have supported Geebee in its efforts to gain approval for this pilot project. The Geebee is entirely manufactured in Sherbrooke, and then assembled at Défi Polyteck, a Sherbrooke social entreprise. Geebee has a production office in Sherbrooke and a commercial office in Montreal.

Source:  La Tribune
Photo credits: Geebee



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