11 November 2013

An Ecotierra Reforestation Project Listed in the MarkIt Registry


The Shade Coffee & Cacao Reforestation Project developed by Sherbrooke-based Ecotierra is now listed in the MarkIt Environmental Registry, a leading provider of financial information.

This registry provides an infrastructure for carbon-market transparency. It can be used to track environmental projects as well as issue, trade, and retire carbon credits.

Based in Peru, the Shade Coffee & Cacao Reforestation Project responds to two objectives: carbon sequestration and sustainable community development. The project covers 12,000 ha that are divided among more than 15,000 coffee and cacao producers. It will generate over 50,000 (VCUs) annually over a period of 40 years.

In this project, traditional agricultural parcels or pastures are turned into equitable organic-production systems through the massive planting of trees in degraded lands. Producer cooperatives and groups will be directly involved in the process.

Source: Ecotierra

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