11 December 2015

Ecotierra Launches Its First Group Forest Carbon Project in Canada

Ecotierra and Hereford Forest are joining forces to launch the forest carbon project Pivot, which will generate Québec carbon credits based on forest conservation and sustainable forest management activities. It is the first group forest carbon project in Canada.

Pivot EcotierraIn concrete terms, forest owners who choose to become involved in the project will receive financial compensation for their efforts through VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) carbon credit revenues, recognized worldwide. To do so, they will have to modify their forest management practices or create conservation zones in their forests.

Developed through investments of more than $300,000, Pivot will first be implemented in the Coaticook area, over 750 ha located in the Hereford Community Forest, an FSC®-certified private area covering approximately 5600 ha. The project will then seek to include other parcels of forested land from Québec’s temperate and boreal forest, potentially covering more than 1 000 000 km2.

During its first development phase until 2017, the Pivot project is aiming to capture and reduce more than 25 000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year.

Through the Pivot project, Ecotierra and Hereford Forest have developed a scientific partnership with Université Laval to optimize forest conservation and management practices.

Source: Ecotierra



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