24 November 2017

ECOTIERRA Creates the Canopy SLF Fund for the Fight Against Climate Change Around the World

On November 15, 2017, Sherbrooke company ECOTIERRA announced the creation of the Canopy Sustainable Land Use Fund to back the development of agricultural and forestry projects around the world. This is in collaboration with Fondaction, a Québec-based investment fund for cooperation and employment, and Mirova, the affiliated management company of Natixis Global Asset Management dedicated to responsible investment.

The fund will start out with US$30M, but is targeting capitalization of $50M.

Canopy SLF, managed by ECOTIERRA, will fund projects aimed at generating significant return for investors and producing large-scale socio-economic and environmental impacts for involved communities. The projects selected will enable partners and investors to contribute to the fight against climate change caused by two of the world’s most significant issues: deforestation and land degradation.

Canopy SLF wants to enable small producers to become agents of change. The goal of the Fund is to contribute to the sustainable development of communities by implementing sustainable agricultural practices, reinforcing the business model of small producer cooperatives, and breaking the vicious cycle of migrating agriculture, which leads to soil degradation, weakening of value chains, socio-economic problems, and climate change.

Source and photo credit : ECOTIERRA



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