20 July 2012

Canada stands 12th on the 2012 Global Innovation Index


Canada is positioned among the leaders of innovative countries: it ranked 12th with a score of 56.9 on 100 according to the international ranking of the Global Innovation Index 2012.

Among the global key-indicators where Canada stands out, are Institutions (score: 95.0/ rank: 2), which includes political and administrative environments, Market sophistication (68.4/ 7th), Business sophistication (57.4/ 4th) and Infrastructures (55.2/15th).

Switzerland comes first on the list of countries in terms of Innovation (68.2), followed by Sweden (64.8), Singapore (63.5), Finland (61.8), and the United-Kingdom (61.2).

The United-States (57.7) rank 10th on the list. For the 2012 edition, 141 countries were analyzed.

The Global Innovation Index report is conducted by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD).

Source: Global Innovation Index 2012  

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