News » July 21, 2020

Calogy Solutions Receives Initial Funding of $1.2 Million

PRESS RELEASE – Calogy Solutions, a young Sherbrooke company, is accelerating its product development …

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News » June 2, 2017

The Université de Sherbrooke Stands Out in Electric Vehicle Research

The significant contribution of the Université de Sherbrooke to the electrification of transportation …

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News » June 1, 2017

Project FloRe: Boosting Electric Cars!

The Innovative Vehicle Institute (IVI) has launched a project for rechargeable fleets identified as FloRe.

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News » May 19, 2017

Motrec International Acquires Land in Sherbrooke Regional Industrial Park

PRESS RELEASE - Specialized in the manufacturing of industrial electric vehicles, the Sherbrooke company …

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News » March 18, 2017

The Université de Sherbrooke Is Granted $580 407 for High-level Research

Five large-scale Sherbrooke University researchers will benefit from $580 407 in support, to enable them …

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News » February 15, 2016

$7.2 M$ in Funding for Nine Canada Research Chairs at the Université de Sherbrooke

The Université de Sherbrooke continues to stand out for its cutting-edge research, as demonstrated by …

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News » April 12, 2012

BRP opens a new plant in Sherbrooke

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) will assemble specialized motorised vehicles derived from its …

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