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4 seasons, 296 days of sun!

Located in the South-East part of the Province of Québec, Sherbrooke enjoys a milder climate than the majority of Québec regions.  Sherbrooke’s humid, continental climate is characterized by 4 very distinctive seasons, from a blazing summer sun to often abundant winter snowAccording to the Koppen classification, Sherbrooke’s climate type is DFB: cold temperate climate without a dry season, temperate summer.

Seasonal contrasts are sharp with average minimum temperatures of -17 °C in the heart of winter and average maximum temperatures of +24 °C in the heart of summer. Precipitation is plentiful all year-round: the months of December and January receive on average 65 cm of snow.


Seasonal activities

Whatever the season, Sherbrooke offers great climate for a vast array of activities:

  • In the spring, everybody flocks to Sherbrooke’s sugar shacks to enjoy a delicious and unique treat: maple syrup
  • Summer brings numerous festivals to the region. Outdoor terraces are busy and cultural life is lively.  It’s the ideal period for water sports and outdoor life, to travel the many bike paths in and around Sherbrooke and to sample regional delicacies.
  • During the fall, nature conducts its very own symphony of colours! Time and energy is devoted to back-to-school activities, apple picking, and enjoying the pedestrian paths in Bois-Beckett or Mont-Bellevue parks. Mont Orford’s blaze of fall colours is only 30 minutes away.
  • Winter is the time for family and friends gathering together during winter holidays and events such as the Carnaval de Sherbrooke. Sherbrooke’s proximity to nature fosters the practice of outdoor sports: skating, skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling are among favourite activities.


Average temperature

The chart (*) below depicts the climate averages for Sherbrooke:







*MétéoMédia, Statistics on Sherbrooke