Life Sciences

Choosing Sherbrooke for its Excellence in Education

Sherbrooke is known for the quality and diversity of its Life Sciences teaching infrastructures. Thanks to its globally recognized University Pole, Sherbrooke offers a continuum of training programs resulting in a critical mass of high-level graduates.

As an example, more than 2,500 students choose Sherbrooke to study at the Faculté de médecine et sciences de la santé (FMSS – Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty) of the Université de Sherbrooke. Furthermore, cooperative programs enable students to obtain real business experience during job assignments. They are therefore ready for the job immediately upon graduation.

Here’s a look at different training programs offered by Sherbrooke teaching institutions in the key sector of Life Sciences.



Centre de formation professionnelle 24-Juin

  • Home Care Assistance (DVS)
  • Assistance in Health Care Facilities (DVS)
  • Health, Assistance and Nursing Care (DVS)
  • Dental Assistance (DVS)

Lennoxville Vocational Training Centre

  • Assistance in Health Care Facilities
  • Health, Assistance and Nursing Care
  • Home Care Assistance



Cégep de Sherbrooke

  • Biomedical Analysis Technology
  • Respiratory Therapy Technology
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Nursing
  • Animal Health Technology
  • Integrated Training in Agriculture
  • Operation and Control of Chemical Processes (Attestation of College Studies)

Champlain College

  • Nursing



Université de Sherbrooke


  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Medicine
  • Post-Doctorate studies in Medicine
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Physiology
  • Bachelor’s in Pharmaceutical Chemistry


  • Bachelor’s in Pharmacology
  • Master’s in Pharmacology
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Pharmacology


  • Bachelor’s in Biology
  • Bachelor’s in Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Bachelor’s in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Bio-Informatics Graduate Diploma
  • Master’s in Cellular Biology
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Cellular Biology


  • Bachelor’s in Microbiology
  • Master’s in Microbiology
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Microbiology


  • Bachelor in Health Science Biochemistry
  • Master’s in Biochemistry
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Biochemistry


  • Bachelor’s in Chemistry
  • Master’s in Chemistry
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Chemistry

Chemical and Biotechnological Engineering

  • Bachelor’s in Biotechnological Engineering
  • Master’s in Chemical and Biotechnology Engineering
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Chemical Engineering


  • 2nd Cycle Microprogram in Gerontology Intervention
  • 2nd Cycle Microprogram in Gerontology Support
  • 2nd Cycle Diploma in Gerontology 
  • Master’s in Gerontology
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Gerontology


  • Master’s in Immunology
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Immunology


  • Master’s in Radiation and Biomedical Imaging Science
  • Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Radiation and Biomedical Imaging Science
  • 2nd Cycle Diploma in Nanomaterials and Characterization

Other Training Programs


Bishop’s University

  • B.Sc. Molecular Biology and Physiology
  • B.A. Health Science