Information and Communication Technologies
Leading sectors and businesses

In Full Spin!

The Information and Communication Technologies industry in Sherbrooke is dynamic and innovating, with expertise in diversified areas. The 96 firms represented benefit from the following considerable advantages: an ample workforce that is both qualified and available, and an environment that is less competitive than in major urban areas.


Computer Equipment, Servers, and Material

With applications that can be used in the health, civil engineering, entertainment industries and more, the products and computer science services of Sherbrooke businesses are successful in several sectors.


Telecommunications and Computer Networks

The telecommunication sector is constantly evolving, and our businesses are offering leading edge services.


Multimedia and Games

Sherbrooke is becoming more and more an important player in the video game industry, equally in creating, producing and training.


Software Development and Computer Services

In the software development area, Sherbrooke is attracting new innovating businesses that are attaching themselves to a dense core of solidly established firms. Software created by our firms is found on the internet, in our computers, in our phones, in our cars, and even in satellites.


Web & Ecommerce Solutions

Many Sherbrooke businesses are catching the electronic commerce wave and are offering specialized services to customers worldwide.

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