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Residual material recovery, renewable energy, biofuels and bio-products as well as water and soil treatment are all very dynamic and rapidly evolving business sectors in Sherbrooke.

Residual material recovery

Sherbrooke is renowned for the management and recovery of residual material and is committed to the vision of “Zero Waste” as a core concept for the region’s development. Several businesses and infrastructures such as Valoris and the Régie intermunicipale de récupération de l’Estrie (Intermunicipal recovery agency) contribute to the development of key competencies to achieve this goal. Here is a brief overview of these leaders:


Sherbrooke OEM: Multi-matter sorting centres and optical sorting systems.

Animat: Manufacturing of rubber mats by re-vulcanization of reclaimed tires.

Surplec: Recovery, repair and refurbishment of power and distribution equipment (Surplec HV), as well as electrical products and generators (Surplec Industriel).

Réuse: Design and manufacturing of wall finishes and other products with ecological value from recycled wood that would otherwise be destined for landfills.

Viridis Environnement: Development of techniques and methods for the treatment of residual materials and fertilizing residual materials (FRM), and site remediation.



Enerkem: Biofuels and green chemical products from waste.

BioTerre: Low temperature bio-digesters for  recovery in the form of energy or fertilizer.

Englobe: Biomass recovery centres, production of eco-products and agricultural and energy recovery.


Energy and storage

Benefiting from a diversified expertise in research and development and also in the integration of turn-key solutions, Sherbrooke possesses several competitive advantages in hydroelectric power and energy distribution, in thermal and concentrated solar energy, in biomass and in energy efficiency and storage.

Rackam: Parabolic solar concentrator.

Demtroys: Heating control systems for apartment houses.

Surplec: Recovery of electricity transport and distribution equipment, including transformers and switchgears, through two divisions, Surplec HV (medium and high voltage) and Surplec Industriel (low voltage electrical products), all supported by a very active R&D center.

NadKlima: High-performance air diffusers.

Ideal Combustion: Biomass furnace.

leprohon: CO2 refrigeration system, geothermal energy, renewable energy integrator.

Lekla: LED lamp with no impact on the environment, and solar terminals.

Sigma Energy Storage: Energy storage solutions allowing autonomy and solar or wind power grid integration.


Bio-industries and green chemistry

Biofuels from algae, waste or vegetable oils, or products made from renewable and entirely biodegradable material; the ingenuity of Sherbrookers is known across the world!

Enerkem: Green chemical products and biofuels from waste.

Bio-Solutions CR: Bio-lubricants and bio-solvents.

Laboratoire M2: Disinfectants and biodegradable cleaning agents from essential oils, and R&D in disinfection.

Oleum Technologie: Oleo maintenance solutions for oil filtering and testing.


Water, air and soil

Industries and municipalities can access a host of traditional and innovative solutions to ensure high performance treatment of air, waste water and contaminated soil.

Renotek: Regeneration of waste from silicon-argillaceous sand for foundries, mines and contaminated soil.

E2Metrix:Continuous water treatment systems without chemical products.

Environnement PH: Decontamination, characterization of wetlands, re-vegetation, etc.

Avizo Experts-Conseils: Characterization of waste water and flow measures.

Samson Odours Specialty: Range of products that neutralise and eliminate all types of odors.

Englobe: Site characterization and remediation, contaminated soil and groundwater treatment, integrated waste management, product recycling for energy and agricultural use, etc.

Terraquavie: Manufacturing, distribution and installation of products for the control and management of erosion, and technical support for spatial planning specialists.


Sustainable transportation

The research area on sustainable transportation and electrification of transportation and initiatives from the Société de transport de Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke’s public transportation system) reveal a real potential for future development.

A few companies also have an enviable reputation in the transportation sector, mainly:

Cogo: Internet tool for automatic coordination between passengers and drivers, according to their individual route and schedule.


GHG and carbon market

As an emerging market of global significance, the carbon market is being developed thanks to key players.

Enviro-access: Consulting services in sustainable development, GHG auditors and experts

Ecotierra: Forest and agricultural projects with positive environmental and socio-economic impacts for local communities generating high-quality carbon credits.


Urban agriculture

Biotop Canada: Biologic agriculture processes for cultivation in containers and agriculture.


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