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A Revolution in Small Volume Manufacturing

Nathalie Prince

Imagine that you want to create a mechanical sample of a device to test out your product idea. You search the web for a basic design, make your modifications and send the file, as if to a printer and, several … Read +

This week, I’m in United States nanomedecine Centers

Josée Blanchard

This week I’m in… Massachussetts and North Carolina, for a Mission in Nanomedicine You may already know this, but since last September, I’m on the Board of NanoQuébec. You wonder what a girl in Life Sciences could possibly know about … Read +

This week, I’m in… Dr. André Carpentier’s Laboratory

Josée Blanchard

Dr. Carpentier is recipient of the IRSC-GSK Research Chair in Diabetes as well as professor and clinician-scientist at the Department of Medicine and Physiology of Université de Sherbrooke’s Faculty of Medicine. We all know someone around us who suffers from … Read +

This week I’m at… Biocean Canada

Josée Blanchard

A newcomer in Sherbrooke, Biocean has lots of experience under its belt! Biocean specializes in the development, production and commercialization of natural health products derived from marine sources used for nutraceutical or dermaceutical skincare applications. In other words, they have … Read +

This week, I’m at… IBIOM

Josée Blanchard

IBIOM was founded in 1978, and Jasmin Bilbeau was 33 years old when he bought the company with his partner Stéphane Mongeau in 2007. Apart from supplying ergonomic chairs and accessories, IBIOM also develops its own range of products for … Read +

This week, I’m at… GBBC Medica Inc.

Josée Blanchard

This week I’m at… the Université de Sherbroooke to visit Dr. Ghassan Bkaily, Co-founder of GBBC Medica Inc. and Full Professor at the Department of anatomy and cellular biology of the Faculty of Medicine. A Naturalized Québécois Dr. Bkaily arrived in Sherbrooke in 1976 … Read +

This week, I’m at… Centre Sève to meet Dr. Carole Beaulieu!

Josée Blanchard

Centre Sève is a strategic cluster, financed by the “Fonds québécois de la recherche sur la nature et les technologies”. The group’s administrative office is located in Sherbrooke, but the Center also has more than 50 active researchers in various … Read +

This week I’m at… the Dairy and Swine Research and Development Centre!

Josée Blanchard

My colleague, Nathalie Prince, Director of Business Development for the Advanced Manufacturing sector, and myself have been warmly welcomed by Mrs. Pauline Bilodeau, Technology Transfer Officer, Mr. Jacques Surprenant, Science Director, and Mr. Alain Giguère, Research Manager at Sherbrooke’s Dairy … Read +

This week, I’m in… Boston!

Josée Blanchard

Boston is one of the United States’ oldest cities, and certainly the biggest in New-England! It is well-known for Harvard University, the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambridge, and… the Boston cream pie!! All joking aside, Boston is a wonderful … Read +